4 Signs it’s Time to Move to a Bigger House

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Finding that perfect home isn’t easy. You need the right features and enough space to accommodate your family’s lifestyle. If you’ve hit the point where you’re outgrowing your existing home, you may need to take that leap and buy a bigger house. Here are four signs it’s time to start looking.

1.      Family Expansion

Maybe you’re having a new baby or you just adopted a child. Maybe your aging parents are coming to live with you so they can get the care they need. Whatever the case, you need to make more space for everybody. Everything from bathroom space to kitchen space will become taxed when you add new members to your household.

2.      Better Neighborhood and Schools

You may live in a sketchy neighborhood at the moment, or you may live in a town that doesn’t have the best schools. Or maybe you live in an OK neighborhood, but the residents there don’t match up with your interests. You may have toddlers who need playmates but the neighbors are all older retired folks. Upgrading living conditions is a big reason people move. Location matters, and it may be time to choose a different community that’s in line with your future goals, such as a town with a top-notch school system or an excellent range of community offerings for you and your kids.

3.      More Income

When you get a boost in income, whether through a windfall, raise or change in employment, the first thing you may want to do isupgrade your home. After all, you’ve been talking about a bigger house for years now and here’s your chance! With a bigger home comes a bigger yard for the kids and dogs to play in, a bigger kitchen to entertain, and a bedroom for each kid. It could also mean an in-law apartment or addition that allows you to better care for your aging parents yet give them their own space.

4.      Quality of Life

If you’re unhappy in your current home, life can be miserable. Your craft room is overflowing with stuff, your pets are invading every square inch of your house and you have no guest rooms so visitors have to sleep on couches. Quality of life can certainly suffer when your house is too small to accommodate your needs. This is when it’s time to hire a local mover and relocate to something more spacious.

Move vs. Remodel

Of course, not everyone can just afford to pick up and move. Sometimes, it makes more sense to remodel your existing space so it better meets your needs. Consider the condition and layout of your current house and think about knocking down some walls for a more open living space. Perhaps you can put on an addition for your parents. Or maybe you can finish the basement for extra space for your teens.

This is certainly a consideration, but living in a construction zone for weeks or months can be far more stressful and costly than moving. Expanding existing space may work for many, but if you’re not one of them, it’s time to go real estate shopping.

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