View of San Antonio city skyline from above

What is San Antonio Famous For?

If you’ve been contemplating a move to San Antonio, naturally you want to know all you can about it. This seventh most populous city in the United States is the state’s oldest municipality, giving it a rich depth of history built on its foundation as a Spanish mission. Anchoring the southwestern corridor of the urban […]


Use These Simple Tips for Moving a Piano

We’ll begin by saying any piano you have to move is best off moved by a professional piano mover. Easily weighing hundreds or even close to 1,000 pounds, pianos have a lot of intricate parts – any one of which could break off or get dented. Not only is your piano heavy and fragile, it’s […]


Preparing to Welcome Your In-Laws to Your Home — For Good

Welcoming your in-laws to live with you in your home is never easy – no matter how well you get along. You’re dedicating yourself to sharing living quarters with the parents of your spouse, which can bring up all sorts of emotional issues. Of course, the physical closeness will determine just how much freedom you’ll […]

image of san antonio city skyline

Best Neighborhoods to Move to in San Antonio

Considering a move to San Antonio in Texas? You’re in luck, as there are plenty of great options for you, whether you’re looking to relocate your family or just yourself. San Antonio, the seventh most populous city in Texas and the Southern United States, is currently celebrating 300 years of history, culture, art and innovation. […]


6 Tips for Packing Clothing for Your San Antonio Move

You may assume clothing is easier to pack because it’s so versatile and can be configured in many different ways. You’re partly right – the very flexible nature of clothing means you have many options when it comes to folding and packing it. However, there are optimal ways to prepare clothing for moving so as […]


How to Protect Flooring When Moving

Now that moving day is almost here, how are you going to protect your floors against work boots, dirt, water and furniture? If you have carpet, you don’t want dirt stains left behind and if you have hardwood flooring, the last thing you want to see is a big gauge in the finish. This could […]


7 Rookie Moving Mistakes to Avoid

If this is your first time moving, it can be a bit stressful. Under that stress and pressure, you may make mistakes. It’s OK. You’ll learn from them and move on. But we’re here to ensure you don’t fall victim to those pitfalls that so many first-time movers encounter.  Here are the most common rookie […]


Moving Tips for Cat Owners

Moving your cat long distance or even locally can be a challenge. Cats are sensitive creatures who relish routine and resist change. If you’re going to mess with the established habit and daily routine of your feline, you have to be prepared to help them adapt to new surroundings throughout the moving process. Here are […]

Wear safe clothing on moving day.

What to Wear on Moving Day

Bet you didn’t know there was a dress code for Moving Day! The day of your move is stressful, confusing and crowded, not to mention dangerous at times. You need to dress for the conditions around you to ensure you, your family and the movers all stay safe and get the job done quickly. Here […]

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How to Safely Move Your Home Arcade Machine and Other Large Valuables

A move is stressful enough with just boxes and standard furniture. But when you add in big, bulky, fragile and valuable items, the stakes get higher. Pool tables, pinball machines, arcade games and other coin-operated games require a special level of TLC during a move. Not only are these machines expensive, they also likely hold […]