How to Safely Move Your Home Arcade Machine and Other Large Valuables

moving arcade games

A move is stressful enough with just boxes and standard furniture. But when you add in big, bulky, fragile and valuable items, the stakes get higher. Pool tables, pinball machines, arcade games and other coin-operated games require a special level of TLC during a move. Not only are these machines expensive, they also likely hold a sentimental value to you as well. Failure to take proper precautions when packing could lead to significant damage during a move.

Tips for Moving a Pinball Machine

To keep damage from occurring, heed these steps to disassembling your pinball machine before a move:

  1. Remove the pinballs.
  2. Fold the head of the pinball game down if you can.
  3. Use heavy-duty plastic wrap to secure the head to the rest of the game so it won’t bounce around during the move.
  4. Remove the back legs and lay machine on the ground.
  5. Lift up the front so the coin door is facing upwards.
  6. Remove the front legs.
  7. Wrap the cabinet in blankets in an effort to protect the paint and exterior.
  8. Move the machine by putting it on a hand truck or let your movers do this.

Tips for Moving a Pool Table

You’ll want to remove the most delicate parts first and wrap them separately if you can. This will entail removing the screws, slate and felt from the pool table before taking off the legs.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when disassembling:

  • Remove the table’s six ball pockets.
  • Take off the side rails using a socket wrench.
  • Remove the felt on the top using a staple remover.
  • Remove the pool table’s slates but keep in mind each one can weigh up to 450 pounds.
  • Remove each pool table leg from the main structure. Turn the table upside down to best achieve this.

If this task seems like a lot of work, it’s because it is. Again, another good reason to hire a mover to relocate your pool table. They have the padding and equipment to get it done, often times without having to disassemble so much.

Tips for Moving an Arcade Game

Unlike a pinball machine that can be folded, or a pool table that can have its legs removed, an arcade machine pretty much comes in one piece. That means you’re going to have to wrap it very well with padding and blankets, secured with a bungee. Your mover will have a special dolly to transport the machine to and from the truck. The difficulty of the move will depend on how many stairs are involved, how tight the hallways are and if you have access to an elevator.

Taking detailed measurements ahead of time will prove very helpful for your movers. Often times, it’s not the weight of the item that proves to be the most daunting, it’s all the tight quarters and cramped spaces that movers have to contend with that increases the difficulty.

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How to Unpack Like a Pro


While you may have packed your stuff like a pro, you could undo all the good that came of it if you unpack sloppily. It’s understanding: you’ve just been through a stressful move…the last thing you want to do is take more time to go through everything methodically. However, resist the urge to throw things in the nearest closet when you get to the new digs. Instead, approach it with the same level of detail you did to the packing process. You will thank yourself later.

Take it Slow

Moving-day madness is over and now you’re left with the task of getting things into their proper spaces. This can be overwhelming, as the choices you make now will determine where you will store stuff for the rest of your time in that home! Think carefully about that. Remember these rules of thumb:

  • Take it slow. No one says you have to have everything unpacked in the first day, week or even month. It’s more important to approach the process methodically and make sure everything has a meaningful spot.
  • Unpacking can be fun if you make it so! Tackle it like an adventure. If you have kids, even better: they love adventures. Challenge them to unpack their own stuff, making piles of summer clothes, winter clothes, toys, stuffed animals and electronics.
  • Do the essentials first. The rest can wait. Consider what your basic and most essential needs are first, such as food, sleeping and bathing, and unpack accordingly.
  • Focus on one room at a time to save your sanity.

The Essential Rooms

The kitchen should be the first room you unpack and stock. That’s because this is the one room in the house where everyone seems to congregate. It’s like a home base. Plus, once the kitchen is all set, you can start cooking meals again and stop relying on greasy pizza takeout.

Next up is the bathroom. Start with a communal bathroom if you have children so they can start establishing their own area. The master bath should be next. Test all plumbing to make sure it’s in proper working order. You may have to turn on the main water line.

Bedrooms and Living Areas

Once the main areas are done, it’s time to move on to living rooms. Before adding furniture or establishing zones, assess the space and sketch out what you envision the ideal layoutto be. It’s so much easier to do this on paper than to shift heavy furniture around until you find the right spot.

On to the bedrooms…you don’t need to have these set up and fully functional for the first night in the new house. Simply drag mattresses and pillows into the center of the room for now and encourage a fun sleepover.The kids will love it!

Unpacking after the move can seem like another in a long series of insurmountable tasks, but if you take it step by step, you’ll get through it like a pro. And if you still feel like you need help, hire our movers!

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4 Signs it’s Time to Move to a Bigger House

moving into a big house

moving into a big house

Finding that perfect home isn’t easy. You need the right features and enough space to accommodate your family’s lifestyle. If you’ve hit the point where you’re outgrowing your existing home, you may need to take that leap and buy a bigger house. Here are four signs it’s time to start looking.

1.      Family Expansion

Maybe you’re having a new baby or you just adopted a child. Maybe your aging parents are coming to live with you so they can get the care they need. Whatever the case, you need to make more space for everybody. Everything from bathroom space to kitchen space will become taxed when you add new members to your household.

2.      Better Neighborhood and Schools

You may live in a sketchy neighborhood at the moment, or you may live in a town that doesn’t have the best schools. Or maybe you live in an OK neighborhood, but the residents there don’t match up with your interests. You may have toddlers who need playmates but the neighbors are all older retired folks. Upgrading living conditions is a big reason people move. Location matters, and it may be time to choose a different community that’s in line with your future goals, such as a town with a top-notch school system or an excellent range of community offerings for you and your kids.

3.      More Income

When you get a boost in income, whether through a windfall, raise or change in employment, the first thing you may want to do isupgrade your home. After all, you’ve been talking about a bigger house for years now and here’s your chance! With a bigger home comes a bigger yard for the kids and dogs to play in, a bigger kitchen to entertain, and a bedroom for each kid. It could also mean an in-law apartment or addition that allows you to better care for your aging parents yet give them their own space.

4.      Quality of Life

If you’re unhappy in your current home, life can be miserable. Your craft room is overflowing with stuff, your pets are invading every square inch of your house and you have no guest rooms so visitors have to sleep on couches. Quality of life can certainly suffer when your house is too small to accommodate your needs. This is when it’s time to hire a local mover and relocate to something more spacious.

Move vs. Remodel

Of course, not everyone can just afford to pick up and move. Sometimes, it makes more sense to remodel your existing space so it better meets your needs.Consider the condition and layout of your current house and think about knocking down some walls for a more open living space. Perhaps you can put on an addition for your parents. Or maybe you can finish the basement for extra space for your teens.

This is certainly a consideration, but living in a construction zone for weeks or months can be far more stressful and costly than moving. Expanding existing space may work for many, but if you’re not one of them, it’s time to go real estate shopping.

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Why You Need Commercial Movers for Your Business Relocation


You may think that just because you’ve moved homes once or twice in the past that a commercial move is just more of the same. Not so. You’re likely tremendously unprepared for a commercial move, which offers up its own unique logistical challenges. Moving your entire company into a new office or shop means you must pack and haul expensive equipment, shut down work for a day or two or even more, and settle into the new location. Then, you have to get back into the groove of your workflow, which can take another few days.

Still think you can organize all of that and bring the muscle to get the cubby walls, electronic equipment and conference room table moved? Don’t fret. That’s what professional commercial movers are for. They can whittle down a massive moving project down into manageable chunks so you can get back to being productive ASAP.

Four benefits to hiring commercial movers:

1. It’s Easier on Your Employees

The people who work for you were probably hired for a reason: they’re the best at what they do. But your computer programmers, retail associates and paralegals were not hired to move your business for you. It’s unfair, and probably a little illegal, to ask them to lift, haul and transport heavy machinery and furniture just so you can save a few bucks on moving costs. It’s really not worth the workman’s comp claims, so instead, let them handle moving their own documents and personal items and save the big stuff for the movers.

Professionals come equipped with the right heavy duty equipment to get all those items moved safely so no one has to worry about a pulled back or worse. So, let them worry about moving the copier instead of tasking your entire accounting department with the job.

2. There is a Lower Risk for Damages

Again, your employees were not hired for their knowledge of how to efficiently pack up and move office equipment. You likely have a lot of delicate stuff, from computers to your mahogany office desk. The process of getting those fragile items packed up, out the door, down the elevator or stairs, into a truck and back into another building is a logistical nightmare on a good day. Pony up the money for a commercial mover to do this the right way, ensuring your items make it over in one piece with no dents, dings, cracks or breaks.

3. They Have Insurance

Even if you are a small startup and have just one room of stuff to move, you should still hire a commercial mover. You would be in a real pickle if your administrative assistant tripped and broke a $1,000 piece of equipment. Worse, if that same employee fell down a flight of stairs hauling your stuff and broke her neck, you’d be in a financial and a legal pickle. When you hire a commercial mover, you are covered in the event of loss or damage — to an extent. It’s always best to purchase additional moving insurance on your own.

4. They are Faster

Any downtime for your business means your productivity is taking a hit and you’re not making any money. Commercial movers know this, and because they handle these types of moves on a daily basis, they have the process down pat, says My Moving Reviews. Getting your L-shaped work desk into the elevator quickly is nothing to them because they’ve done it a hundred times before. Let them do it quickly so you can get back to making cash.

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How to Move a Fish Tank

If you own an aquarium, you know just how heavy those things can be. If you’re about to plan a residential move, you may be filled with dread about how you’re going to move it. It can be a risky proposition, affecting both the health of your fish and the state of your delicate tank. This can be a challenging relocation project, but with the right preparation and the right movers on your side, it’s definitely doable.

Here are some tips and facts about moving fish tanks that you should keep in mind when preparing for the move.

Moving Tips:

  • Freshwater fish are extremely sensitive to minor changes in their environment which has been established for some time. Knowing that you have to transfer those delicate creatures into containers, taking them out of their comfort zone, you need to be aware that the move can stress out your fish immensely. Be prepared to find that some or all of your fish don’t make the trip, as many fail to eat when stressed.
  • You know by now that fish tanks are very fragile and need a lot of TLC. The tank is basically comprised of pieces of glass glued together. Uncharacteristic movements or vibrations can cause cracks, so take caution, advises The Moving Blog.
  • Minimize the time that the fish must be kept away from their normal environment. This means your tank should be the last thing you move from the home and the first thing you set up in your new destination.

Prepping Your Tank for the Move

The preparation stage of your project will prove to make or break its success. Follow these tips to ensure a safe relocation for your fish and tank:

  • Gather the right supplies necessary. These includes several five-gallon buckets – leak proof, with lids, opaque and clean. Get your fish net out, a siphon hose, a few thick cardboard boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap.
  • If you can, visit the new home to scope out where you’ll put your tank upon arrival. Setting up your tank right away is vital to the acclimatization period for your fish. Make those decisions now. Look for a spot that has electrical outlets nearby and shade from direct sunlight, with plenty of space for the tank itself as well as all accessories. Make sure the table or other surface you put the tank on is stable, level and strong enough to support the weight of the tank and all the water.
  • Refrain from feeding your fish for the day leading up to moving day. Your fish will be just fine but you will be able to keep the water free from waste during transport.
  • Drain a little water from the tank. Scoop out your fish one by one with a net and place them in respective containers filled with water from the tank — not new water.
  • Remove all decorations, dry them and place in bubble wrap. Save the gravel because you’ll need it later when setting up the new tank.
  • Drain all water. Clean and dry the tank and wrap it with bubble wrap.

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The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Mover in San Antonio


Looking to move in or around San Antonio? It’s critical to choose wisely when it comes to moving companies. After all, you’re placing a lot of trust in those professionals to take good care of your belongings. As a consumer, you deserve to get the best possible services at the best price. But that means you have to do your homework when it comes to hiring licensed movers in San Antonio. Here are some tips to get you started:

Check on licensing and insurance: It’s not enough to ask the company. You should always follow up on their license status on your own. You can visit the United States Department of Transportation website to check on their USDOT number — a unique number issued by the Department of Transportation that shows they have met the requirements for a license to operate in a particular state or states. Here, you can also verify that the company has the proper insurance to keep both parties protected. Without a license and insurance, anybody can show up with a truck and claim they’re a mover. If you value your possessions and your money, check for yourself whether they are licensed and insured.

For your convenience, the information you need for Advanced Moving Company is:

TX DMV #: 006454086C
US DOT #: 2038706

Read reviews correctly: Don’t just glance at how many stars a company has. They could have five stars but only one or two glowing reviews. Instead, look at the number of reviews. They don’t all have to be stellar, but the good ones should far outweigh the negative ones. Still, take those reviews with a grain of salt. While there are safeguards in place, anyone can say anything online. Also, visit sites like Thumbtack, Home Advisor and Angie’s List for more recommendations.

Ask for an in-house estimate: An over-the-phone estimate is a ballpark one at best. It’s not accurate because the movers can’t possibly know the layout of your house, nor do they know the type of belongings you have to move, how cumbersome they are, how many stairs are involved, and how heavy everything is. These things are all good to know if you’re going to get an accurate number for planning purposes. Avoid surprises later by insisting the movers visit your existing home before giving a quote.

Look at more than price: The cheapest isn’t always the best. In fact, if a mover low balls you an offer, consider what they’re not telling you. You may end up paying hidden fees later, such as tolls and gas. Plus, they may not take the care with your belongings that another company charging a bit more would be. Remember, you get what you pay for. If a mover’s quote seems a bit out of your budget at first, try negotiating. It certainly can’t hurt. At least you will know the mover will show up on time, with the right equipment and experience to get the job done right. Peace of mind has no price tag.

Contact Advanced Moving Company in San Antonio

Choosing the best mover means choosing a company that stands out above the rest. Here at Advanced Moving Company, we understand that every move is different, which is why we approach moving services a little differently than other San Antonio movers. With us, you get innovative services, advanced technology and customized solutions. To get a free quote, contact us at 210-722-1322 or email us at


How to get a good deal when hiring a moving company?

Even though your moving date may be months away, it is possible that you picked a crappy week to move. The end of the month is when everyone needs a truck or needs to move. Combine that with the fact that it’s also right around Labor Day weekend or any other holiday and that means that they can charge more because they know you need to move. For moving trucks, essentially, an algorithm chooses the price of a truck. And just like airline tickets, it has nothing to do with rate quotes in ads and it’s entirely possible you’ll pay a different price for the same company in the same city at different times of the year.

It’s obvious when you think about it, but how often do any of us actually think about it? That’s why we at Advanced Moving Company will always give you the best quote for your move in the San Antonio area even though your moving date may be months away.

A few quick tips for good deals on movers in Central Texas

  • You should start getting recommendations for moving companies from friends or colleagues once you have a list of recommendations. Call each one to get an estimate of how much your move will cost. You’ll have to provide them with the number of miles involved in the move and the approximate weight of your belongings. The mover will help you in making this estimate.
  • Movers typically charge extra for flights of stairs, heavy items, pianos and other special items. Be aware of the fact that having the movers pack for you increases your moving bill by about 30 percent.
  • Be careful with movers whose estimate seems too low. The services provided may be second rate and you could end up having your items delayed or even lost.
  • If your move is job-related, find out whether your employer will reimburse you for part of the cost.
  • Save any receipts relating to the move since part of the cost will be deductible on your taxes when you file.
  • Get a change of address kit from the post office and begin notifying people of your impending change of address.
  • Call your insurance agent and take care of transferring homeowner’s insurance to your new home. You will need to notify credit card companies, banks, and other financial institutions directly.

Finding Reliable Movers in San Antonio

San Antonio Advanced Moving company list of moving services.

The following services are available to our San Antonio clients:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Moving Boxes and Supplies
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Portable Storage Units

Packing and Unpacking

Packing is the most time-consuming and frustrating aspects of a moving process. However, at our SA moving company we have perfected the process by maintaining the highest standards of care. Your items will be packed to ensure their safety throughout the trip, in any kind of weather. Our movers mark and label every box so that when we reach the destination, it will go to the correct room in your new house. Let us know if you have any special packing need and we will take care of it.

Household Moves

Household moves can be stressful. An endless list of things to do, and almost no time available and the stress of how to pack fragile items. What is the best way to protect art and potted plants? Advanced Moving Company in San Antonio can help you with that.

Large Residential Moves

For those moving large homes and estates in the San Antonio area, most moving companies simply do not have the equipment, staff or expertise to handle the move competently. Advanced Moving Company, your reliable San Antonio movers, has the ability to place multiple teams and trucks on a single move, greatly reducing the time and relative cost. Advanced Moving Company San Antonio Movers always come well-equipped with bubble wrap, protective blankets and floor coverings, to protect your belongings and home.

Apartment Moves

San Antonio apartment complexes and high rise moves usually have a set of standardized rules and regulations regarding moving and require careful planning. These may include times of day, designated parking areas, use of elevators and proof of insurance requirements. These San Antonio movings professionals are used to working within these parameters and make your move successful and uneventful.