Childproofing Your New San Antonio Home After a Move

If you have a young family and you’ve just moved to San Antonio, you can’t neglect the importance of childproofing your new residence. Accidental injuries are the leading cause of death in children, says the CDC. Many of these preventable accidents occur in and around the home, especially to babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Childproofing your home involves making certain appealing objects at ground level are inaccessible.

We all may think our homes are safe spots; however, if you take the time to look at your home through the eyes of a small child, you’ll find danger at every turn. From the electrical outlets to sharp edges of fireplaces, there may be all sorts of hazards lurking in your new place, especially if the previous owners did not have small kids.

The perfect time to childproof your new home is right after the movers drop off your boxes. This way, you can set up your home and address safety issues at once. Go room by room to ensure no dangerous conditions exist.


The kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms of the home. You’ll want to place safety latches on cabinet doors, particularly ones that store cleaning products and other poisonous items. You should also:

  • Store all cleaning supplies up high, out of reach
  • Place covers on all outlets
  • Lock any drawers containing sharp objects
  • Keep glass bottles and other breakables out of reach


Another dangerous room is the bathroom because of the presence of water. Place a baby lock on the toilet and never leave standing water in the tub. When bathing your child, don’t take your eyes off them for a second. Place rubber moldings over the tub faucet (these come in fun shapes and animal faces) so they don’t hit their heads. Turn down your hot water heater so that scalding water won’t stream out of the tap and burn your child.

You’ll also want to:

  • Place covers on all outlets
  • Lock cabinets containing chemicals and cleansers
  • Keep medications locked up or out of reach

Living Spaces

Sharp corners pose a big risk in communal spaces such as living rooms. Toddlers who are still uneasy on their feet can fall and hit their heads. Use safety buffers on all pointed edges, such as around brick fireplaces and coffee tables. Other tips:

  • Don’t use looped cords on blinds or curtains.
  • Don’t leave loose electrical cords.
  • Put safety covers on outlets.
  • Move heavy books and other items out of reach so they can’t be easily pulled out.
  • Secure furniture to the wall so tipping doesn’t occur.
  • Don’t place furniture under windows, as small children can easily fall out.

Larger Hazards

Use stair gates to keep kids from going up and down stairs when unsupervised. Place childproof handles on closets and rooms you don’t want your child to have access to. Make sure swimming pools are fenced in with locked gates.

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