Facing a Job Transfer to Shertz? We’ve Got You Covered

You may either be excited or apprehensive about your upcoming job transfer to Shertz, TX. But either way, you need someone behind you to make sure the move itself is hassle-free. Here at Advanced Moving Company, we handle a lot of residential and commercial moves to Shertz, home to 35,000 and located within the beautiful San Antonio-New Braunfels metro area.

If you’re moving here because your boss said you had to, whether you’re coming from across the city or another state, you are in a position to negotiate your relocation agreement. Your company may be responsible for paying for many aspects of your move, including:

  • Moving costs (mover fees, packing and unpacking services, transportation costs, hotel costs, storage fees, and food and specialty service costs such as piano, appliance, car or boat moves)
  • Temporary housing costs
  • Cost of finding a new home
  • Fees incurred from selling home and buying new one
  • Provision of a relocation agent
  • Employment or career counseling for spouse
  • Other expenses, such as registering your vehicle, school fees and appliance hook-ups

Making the Move

Just like negotiating for the initial job offer, negotiating for moving costs can be stressful. However, don’t be afraid to ask for financial relocation assistance. After all, it’s not your decision to uproot your family and take a job in a whole new place. Whether your boss obliges or not will depend on the type of company you work for (small start-up vs. large corporation), the company’s budget, and how accommodating your superiors feel like being.

One thing’s for sure: you won’t get a cent if you don’t at least ask.

Create a Budget

Moving costs can and do add up quickly. Make a budget to get a better sense of what you’re going to end up spending so it’s not a shock later. This will also help you develop a realistic number for your company in the event it is willing to offer you some money to offset total costs.

A budget will also help you decide what you need to spend now and what can wait till later. In your budget, don’t forget to include the cost of:

  • Packing boxes
  • Professional movers
  • Startup cable and Internet costs
  • Gas for your vehicle if you’re driving
  • Meals along the way
  • Accommodations

Build Your Network

If you even remotely know anyone in your destination city, reach out to them now. These people don’t necessarily have to be work colleagues. They can be friends from college or old roomies from your single days. It’s important to have a strong and thriving professional and personal community at your disposal so you can hit the ground running when you arrive.

Contact Advanced Moving Company

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