How to Safely Move Your Home Arcade Machine and Other Large Valuables

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A move is stressful enough with just boxes and standard furniture. But when you add in big, bulky, fragile and valuable items, the stakes get higher. Pool tables, pinball machines, arcade games and other coin-operated games require a special level of TLC during a move. Not only are these machines expensive, they also likely hold a sentimental value to you as well. Failure to take proper precautions when packing could lead to significant damage during a move.

Tips for Moving a Pinball Machine

To keep damage from occurring, heed these steps to disassembling your pinball machine before a move:

  1. Remove the pinballs.
  2. Fold the head of the pinball game down if you can.
  3. Use heavy-duty plastic wrap to secure the head to the rest of the game so it won’t bounce around during the move.
  4. Remove the back legs and lay machine on the ground.
  5. Lift up the front so the coin door is facing upwards.
  6. Remove the front legs.
  7. Wrap the cabinet in blankets in an effort to protect the paint and exterior.
  8. Move the machine by putting it on a hand truck or let your movers do this.

Tips for Moving a Pool Table

You’ll want to remove the most delicate parts first and wrap them separately if you can. This will entail removing the screws, slate and felt from the pool table before taking off the legs.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when disassembling:

  • Remove the table’s six ball pockets.
  • Take off the side rails using a socket wrench.
  • Remove the felt on the top using a staple remover.
  • Remove the pool table’s slates but keep in mind each one can weigh up to 450 pounds.
  • Remove each pool table leg from the main structure. Turn the table upside down to best achieve this.

If this task seems like a lot of work, it’s because it is. Again, another good reason to hire a mover to relocate your pool table. They have the padding and equipment to get it done, often times without having to disassemble so much.

Tips for Moving an Arcade Game

Unlike a pinball machine that can be folded, or a pool table that can have its legs removed, an arcade machine pretty much comes in one piece. That means you’re going to have to wrap it very well with padding and blankets, secured with a bungee. Your mover will have a special dolly to transport the machine to and from the truck. The difficulty of the move will depend on how many stairs are involved, how tight the hallways are and if you have access to an elevator.

Taking detailed measurements ahead of time will prove very helpful for your movers. Often times, it’s not the weight of the item that proves to be the most daunting, it’s all the tight quarters and cramped spaces that movers have to contend with that increases the difficulty.

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