How to Unpack Like a Pro

Don't make these mistakes when moving.

While you may have packed your stuff like a pro, you could undo all the good that came of it if you unpack sloppily. It’s understanding: you’ve just been through a stressful move…the last thing you want to do is take more time to go through everything methodically. However, resist the urge to throw things in the nearest closet when you get to the new digs. Instead, approach it with the same level of detail you did to the packing process. You will thank yourself later.

Take it Slow

Moving-day madness is over and now you’re left with the task of getting things into their proper spaces. This can be overwhelming, as the choices you make now will determine where you will store stuff for the rest of your time in that home! Think carefully about that. Remember these rules of thumb:

  • Take it slow. No one says you have to have everything unpacked in the first day, week or even month. It’s more important to approach the process methodically and make sure everything has a meaningful spot.
  • Unpacking can be fun if you make it so! Tackle it like an adventure. If you have kids, even better: they love adventures. Challenge them to unpack their own stuff, making piles of summer clothes, winter clothes, toys, stuffed animals and electronics.
  • Do the essentials first. The rest can wait. Consider what your basic and most essential needs are first, such as food, sleeping and bathing, and unpack accordingly.
  • Focus on one room at a time to save your sanity.

The Essential Rooms

The kitchen should be the first room you unpack and stock. That’s because this is the one room in the house where everyone seems to congregate. It’s like a home base. Plus, once the kitchen is all set, you can start cooking meals again and stop relying on greasy pizza takeout.

Next up is the bathroom. Start with a communal bathroom if you have children so they can start establishing their own area. The master bath should be next. Test all plumbing to make sure it’s in proper working order. You may have to turn on the main water line.

Bedrooms and Living Areas

Once the main areas are done, it’s time to move on to living rooms. Before adding furniture or establishing zones, assess the space and sketch out what you envision the ideal layoutto be. It’s so much easier to do this on paper than to shift heavy furniture around until you find the right spot.

On to the bedrooms…you don’t need to have these set up and fully functional for the first night in the new house. Simply drag mattresses and pillows into the center of the room for now and encourage a fun sleepover.The kids will love it!

Unpacking after the move can seem like another in a long series of insurmountable tasks, but if you take it step by step, you’ll get through it like a pro. And if you still feel like you need help, hire our movers!

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