The Move Process

The Move Process has 5 steps that can help you map out your move and keep track of all the details associated with transporting your belongings.


Preparation for a move includes meeting with an Advanced Moving Company Consultant and taking a detailed inventory of everything in your home that needs to be moved. You will review all the services available to you and confirm the date of your move. At this point you’ll also identify any special circumstances of your move and have any questions or concerns addressed.

Packing and Loading

On the day of your move, your Advanced Moving Company movers and your driver will prepare an inventory of everything that is to be moved from your home and take any special precautions needed during the loading process. Your items will be tagged and loaded, and you’ll receive a bill of lading authorizing your move. Then your belongings will be on their way to your new home!


When your shipment arrives, you can help the unloading process by having a room-by-room layout in mind for your belongings. Check items off the Customer Check-Off Sheet as they’re brought in to your house, noting their condition. If an item appears to have been damaged during the move or any items are missing, make a note on the inventory and notify your move coordinator.


Advanced Moving Company drivers are required to collect payment for your move before your shipment can be unloaded. If your shipment is placed in storage, charges up to that point are due at that time. Payments must be made by certified or cashier’s check, travelers’ checks, money order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or cash. Personal checks cannot be accepted. A copy of the bill of lading signed by the driver will be your receipt.


If you order any unpacking services from Advanced Moving Company, your move coordinator will arrange to unpack cartons at the time of delivery and will remove used packing materials. If you choose to unpack your shipment yourself, you’ll be responsible for disposing of used cartons and other materials.