What to Wear on Moving Day

Wear safe clothing on moving day.

Bet you didn’t know there was a dress code for Moving Day! The day of your move is stressful, confusing and crowded, not to mention dangerous at times. You need to dress for the conditions around you to ensure you, your family and the movers all stay safe and get the job done quickly.

Here are some tips on what to wear and what to consider on moving day.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Wearing uncomfortable clothing can add to the stress and danger of the day. This is not the time to be fashionable. The name of the game is comfort and freedom of movement. For an accident-free and injury-free moving day, heed these tips:

  • Choose the fabric of your clothing carefully. Jeans are a great choice for pants, as they can stand up to the rigors of moving. Pair it with a plain dark-colored tee (so stains won’t show) and you’re good to go.
  • The clothing you choose should be close-fitting, as you don’t want to catch any fabric accidentally, resulting in an unfortunate Make sure your clothing is zipped up, buttoned up and tucked in.
  • Choose season-appropriate clothing: Dress lightly for a summer move and more heavily in the winter. But even in colder weather, it’s not wise to be to bundled up. Wear layers if you have to, as you’ll be sweating despite the temperature outside.
  • Make sure your clothing is secure: Consider shirts and pants with multiple pockets that can be zipped shut. You’ll need to keep your cell phone, wallet and keys with you at all times. You may even need some basic tools such as screwdriver, measuring tape and flashlight.
  • Don’t wear anything you wouldn’t throw out at the end of the day: This means choosing dispensable clothing that can be thrown out if they get dirty, stained or ripped.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

This cannot be stressed enough. Your feet and ankles take the brunt of all the physical work you do during a move, so consider the comfort of your feet as well.

  • Wear sneakers and socks, and make sure you’re tightly laced up and double knotted.
  • Select a comfortable pair of shoes but keep in mind they may get dirty or ripped. Sneakers and work boots are best. Leave the tennis shoes and sandals in the closet.
  • Make sure the shoes you select are fully enclosed, with no open toes. The risk of dropping something on your feet is too great.
  • Select shoes with good traction: One slip and you could experience a game-changing injury. Choose sneakers with good traction and a firm sole – anything in an anti-slip type that is flexible with good tread.
  • Consider ankle support: If you tend to get sore ankles after a long day, wear shoes with good ankle support, such as work boots, hiking boots or high-top sneakers.


There are many little details you shouldn’t overlook, such as:

  • Don a pair of gloves to protect your hands and fingers. Choose ones made from heavy-duty fabrics such as canvas or leather.
  • Wear sunscreen, as you’ll be in and out of the house a lot. The last thing you need is a sunburn on moving day!
  • Avoid wearing jewelry that can hook on things and break.

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