Moving Tips for Cat Owners

Take care in moving your cat.

Moving your cat long distance or even locally can be a challenge. Cats are sensitive creatures who relish routine and resist change. If you’re going to mess with the established habit and daily routine of your feline, you have to be prepared to help them adapt to new surroundings throughout the moving process.

Here are some tips on how to move with your cat.

1.  Keep a Consistent Routine

Cats depend on routine in order to make sense of the world around them. Your cat will surely pick up even the slightest changes in their environment as he sees the sudden presence of cardboard boxes, unfamiliar people in the home (movers) and the increased energy in the air as you stress over the little details.

Keep your cat’s daily routine as consistent as possible by:

  • Feeding your cat just like you have been all along. Try not to alter their feeding times.
  • Keeping the same schedule for play time with your cat.
  • Offering your pet the same level of attention as before.

2.  Keep Your Cat Calm

Keeping your pet calm and stress-free during the move will be a challenge, to be sure, but here are some tips on going about that:

  • Speak to your cat. They may not understand what you’re saying, but by explaining that changes are coming in a calm, cool and collected voice, you will make them feel at ease.
  • Stay calm. Your cat senses when you’re stressed, picking up changes in your behavior or voice. Model calm behavior and your cat will do the same.
  • Keep strangers away. When the movers come to take measurements or to move your belongings, keep your cat in another room away from the chaos. This is for their safety as well as to make sure they’re not frightened.

3.  Visit the Vet

A move of this magnitude is only a good idea if your cat is healthy and can take on a long-distance drive. Take your cat to the vet beforehand to:

  • Request a full medical check-up.
  • Request copies of your pet’s medical records, including the immunization passport, to make it easier to register your cat with a new vet in the new city.
  • Chat with the vet about anti-anxiety medication for your cat if you fear she will be too nervous for the trip.

4. Prepare the Carrier

A cat carrier is essential when moving your pet. This will keep him contained, increasing his own safety, as well as the safety of other passengers. Follow these tips when choosing a carrier:

  • Size: The container should be spacious enough so your pet can sit, stand, lie down, and turn around easily.
  • Construction: The carrier should be made of a durable, rigid material with a solid top and ventilation openings on the sides. Ensure the door is latched securely to prevent your cat from getting out on his own.

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