4 Reasons to Hire San Antonio Commercial Movers

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You may think that just because you’ve moved homes once or twice in the past that a commercial move is just more of the same. Not so. You’re likely tremendously unprepared for a commercial move, which offers up its own unique logistical challenges. Moving your entire company into a new office or shop means you must pack and haul expensive equipment, shut down work for a day or two or even more, and settle into the new location. Then, you have to get back into the groove of your workflow, which can take another few days.

Still think you can organize all of that and bring the muscle to get the cubby walls, electronic equipment and conference room table moved? Don’t fret. That’s what professional commercial movers are for. They can whittle down a massive moving project down into manageable chunks so you can get back to being productive ASAP.

Four benefits to hiring commercial movers:

1. It’s Easier on Your Employees

The people who work for you were probably hired for a reason: they’re the best at what they do. But your computer programmers, retail associates and paralegals were not hired to move your business for you. It’s unfair, and probably a little illegal, to ask them to lift, haul and transport heavy machinery and furniture just so you can save a few bucks on moving costs. It’s really not worth the workman’s comp claims, so instead, let them handle moving their own documents and personal items and save the big stuff for the movers.

Professionals come equipped with the right heavy duty equipment to get all those items moved safely so no one has to worry about a pulled back or worse. So, let them worry about moving the copier instead of tasking your entire accounting department with the job.

2. There is a Lower Risk for Damages

Again, your employees were not hired for their knowledge of how to efficiently pack up and move office equipment. You likely have a lot of delicate stuff, from computers to your mahogany office desk. The process of getting those fragile items packed up, out the door, down the elevator or stairs, into a truck and back into another building is a logistical nightmare on a good day. Pony up the money for a commercial mover to do this the right way, ensuring your items make it over in one piece with no dents, dings, cracks or breaks.

3. They Have Insurance

Even if you are a small startup and have just one room of stuff to move, you should still hire a commercial mover. You would be in a real pickle if your administrative assistant tripped and broke a $1,000 piece of equipment. Worse, if that same employee fell down a flight of stairs hauling your stuff and broke her neck, you’d be in a financial and a legal pickle. When you hire a commercial mover, you are covered in the event of loss or damage — to an extent. It’s always best to purchase additional moving insurance on your own.

4. They are Faster

Any downtime for your business means your productivity is taking a hit and you’re not making any money. Commercial movers know this, and because they handle these types of moves on a daily basis, they have the process down pat, says My Moving Reviews. Getting your L-shaped work desk into the elevator quickly is nothing to them because they’ve done it a hundred times before. Let them do it quickly so you can get back to making cash.

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